October 23rd 2023



v1.0.10 - Your trading partner

It was last week that we won 1st prize for the top project in Viet Nam by SuperteamVN πŸ†, but we didn't sleep on the victory

We're so proud to bring you a cool thing

Token trading detail

Now you can view your trading activities right on the price chart, more easier to compare your average cost with the market

The Balance / Average cost will help you with how many tokens were bought at which price, it helps you make more effective decisions about when to buy giving the distribution of all buyer price

There will be more exciting things for this chart, you will be able to filter accumulated by Smart Money πŸ€“, Fresh Wallet 🐣,...

My profile page

If you wanna flex a bit on your performance, try out the portfolio-sharing page, you can customize it with all the best stats so you show off with our friends/audiences

And various bugs were fixed 🐞