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December 11th 2023


With 88M users in Telegram, the home for various blockchain communities, we believe that this new thing won't let you down

Get started by starting chatting with @GetNimbusBot

With support from Ton Foundation, GetNimbusBot is live. Now you can

  • Start tracking your portfolio right inside the app

  • Get your portfolio summary daily

  • Get advantage analysis for your investment including

    • PnL, Average cost

    • Trading statistics

    • Volatility analysis

There will be so many more cool things in our Telegram bot, it will be your personal assistant cant help you make smart moves in the market ๐Ÿ˜ผ

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December 4th 2023

Aura Network is supported

Exzo Network is supported

Despite the new chain, we think it is a good chance to support it. We can catch new users wave come to it

Klaytn Network is supported

Exchange token price stability

Thank our partner Mobula, Nimbus can now get a more accurate price if you track your CEX account

Telegram bot beta testing

We are working with Ton Foundation to bring Nimbus into Telegram, which can help you track your token on the go. If you are interested in trying, don't hesitate to contact us

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November 20th 2023




Algorand is now supported

Now you can track your Algorand account

  • Token holding with PnL

  • NFT holding with PnL

  • Deep analyze your investment

  • DEFI positions (Soon)

  • Get your portfolio summary delivered to your Telegragram daily

Portfolio summary alert

Get your portfolio summary delivered to your telegram daily

Fix the performance chart bugs in your Bundle or BTC account.

The performance chart is now more stable and shows your correct investment performance.

Portfolio trading summary

Scout whale portfolio? We make it easier and more joyful by showing their ROI, and their investment within the month.

Sorting whale list ๐Ÿณ

We maintain the whale list of 3M addresses, but how to make it convenient to dig and follow? We added a sorting feature so that you can get the whale with the best performance

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November 13th 2023

GM GM, the market is so green, so we are. Here is all the green ๐ŸŸข thing we have released

Solana NFT loading time was reduced by 80%

Now you can save 80% of your time to get your NFT data on Solana when tracking your portfolio with us

View your NFT trading history

Once you click on your NFT collection and scroll down, your trading history on this collection is there

Report trash/spam NFT

There are lots of scam NFT tokens and sometimes it makes you distracted. We have an option for you to hide them. In the meantime, we will try to improve our spam detection algorithm

GM point system improvement

There will be more fun insight, we will have a detail in another post

New pricing page

Get to know every cool feature we offer with a nice explanation video

Improve real-time price speed by 80%

Usually, our real-time pricing is delayed around 3s for super small cap tokens, but no more, the delay is around 500ms now

Integrated Cronos

We increased our TVL coverage by 0.78%. Which chain do you want to cover now?

Linea price feed improvement

We detected that most price on Linea is 0, so we made a fix.

Show the account logo on our settings page

Go to Settings > Account, now it is more easy to re-arrange your token

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November 2nd 2023




We believe next year will be the year for ZK so we support zk chains to help users easy to navigate

Nimbus now supports tracking on

  • Scroll

  • Linea

  • ZkSync Era

  • Gnosis

Filter transaction history

Filter your history by action or token name which you can easily get the full history for action on your interested

๐Ÿž Some various bugs were fixed

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October 23rd 2023



It was last week that we won 1st prize for the top project in Viet Nam by SuperteamVN ๐Ÿ†, but we didn't sleep on the victory

We're so proud to bring you a cool thing

Token trading detail

Now you can view your trading activities right on the price chart, more easier to compare your average cost with the market

The Balance / Average cost will help you with how many tokens were bought at which price, it helps you make more effective decisions about when to buy giving the distribution of all buyer price

There will be more exciting things for this chart, you will be able to filter accumulated by Smart Money ๐Ÿค“, Fresh Wallet ๐Ÿฃ,...

My profile page

If you wanna flex a bit on your performance, try out the portfolio-sharing page, you can customize it with all the best stats so you show off with our friends/audiences

And various bugs were fixed ๐Ÿž

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October 17th 2023


It has been quite a long time since the last update, here is another big update in which we focus on Solana as our promise

PnL for NFT

If you are NFT trader, this feature is definitely built for you, now you can track your NFT holding, the profit and loss.

Click on the row to get details on every NFT

GM Point

We say GM a lot, so let's turn that culture into some profit. Send GM daily, get GM points, and get a reward every month

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September 30th 2023


It's Saturday but we still shipping, not much but it will make your experience easier

๐Ÿ“ Filter holding by different values

If you have lots of tokens and some of them have a very small value, let's make them disappear from the list

๐Ÿ“Š Solana PnL is supported

Now we support you in tracking PnL on Solana which we support with Jupiter and Raydium DEX

๐Ÿงต Solana is now addable to the bundle

Now we support aggregating your investment on CEX, EVM, and Solana which can help you have a central view of everything

๐Ÿ‘€ Hide your number

I don't know how to call this feature, but it can help you show/hide your actual number

That's it, have a good weekend ๐Ÿ˜ผ

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September 26th 2023

The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, we don't have any moon cake ๐Ÿฅฎ for you but super big launch

Sync session to Mobile

The experience in Web3 is bad now, you can easily use the wallet on a Desktop. But it is hard to use on Mobile.
So we make it easy for you. Clicking Sync to Mobile menu and then use your phone to scan, now you're ready to go ๐Ÿ˜ผ

Use Nimbus like your FriendTech ๐Ÿฐ

Add Nimbus website to your Home screen and start tracking your investment everywhere

We supported Base and Solana

Now we can cover 600M+ TVL assets on Base and Solana. What do you think if we support tracking FriendTech key?

View token breakdown in the bundle

For bundle view, now we support showing a token breakdown by the wallet that you added to the bundle ๐Ÿงต

So we have a portfolio view of all of your investments โžก๏ธ View your investment by each token โžก๏ธ Breakdown detail on each wallet

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September 18th 2023



View all your accounts in a single view

We know that you have multiple wallets in multiple places, and gathering all that data could burn you out.
Why not have a single view to rule them all? So we have a bundle feature that you can custom your view by aggregating your accounts

The Mobile usability is improved

We adjust lots of font sizes to make the experience on mobile smooth, no need to zoom in to read that small text anymore ๐Ÿง

Easy reading MEME coin prices

We updated how the price is displayed so it will be easier for you to read it, no more counting the zero ๐Ÿ˜›

Lots more exciting features to come

It's bull market and our team keeps building ๐Ÿ’ช, here is something I can reveal

  • Telegram app

  • More chains are about to be integrated

  • Token detail analysis

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