September 26th 2023

v1.0.7 - Just a super big launch ⭐️

The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, we don't have any moon cake 🥮 for you but super big launch

Sync session to Mobile

The experience in Web3 is bad now, you can easily use the wallet on a Desktop. But it is hard to use on Mobile.
So we make it easy for you. Clicking Sync to Mobile menu and then use your phone to scan, now you're ready to go 😼

Use Nimbus like your FriendTech 🐰

Add Nimbus website to your Home screen and start tracking your investment everywhere

We supported Base and Solana

Now we can cover 600M+ TVL assets on Base and Solana. What do you think if we support tracking FriendTech key?

View token breakdown in the bundle

For bundle view, now we support showing a token breakdown by the wallet that you added to the bundle 🧵

So we have a portfolio view of all of your investments ➡️ View your investment by each token ➡️ Breakdown detail on each wallet