September 30th 2023

v1.0.8 - Solana things


It's Saturday but we still shipping, not much but it will make your experience easier

πŸ“ Filter holding by different values

If you have lots of tokens and some of them have a very small value, let's make them disappear from the list

πŸ“Š Solana PnL is supported

Now we support you in tracking PnL on Solana which we support with Jupiter and Raydium DEX

🧡 Solana is now addable to the bundle

Now we support aggregating your investment on CEX, EVM, and Solana which can help you have a central view of everything

πŸ‘€ Hide your number

I don't know how to call this feature, but it can help you show/hide your actual number

That's it, have a good weekend 😼