November 13th 2023

v1.0.12 - Various improvements

GM GM, the market is so green, so we are. Here is all the green 🟒 thing we have released

Solana NFT loading time was reduced by 80%

Now you can save 80% of your time to get your NFT data on Solana when tracking your portfolio with us

View your NFT trading history

Once you click on your NFT collection and scroll down, your trading history on this collection is there

Report trash/spam NFT

There are lots of scam NFT tokens and sometimes it makes you distracted. We have an option for you to hide them. In the meantime, we will try to improve our spam detection algorithm

GM point system improvement

There will be more fun insight, we will have a detail in another post

New pricing page

Get to know every cool feature we offer with a nice explanation video

Improve real-time price speed by 80%

Usually, our real-time pricing is delayed around 3s for super small cap tokens, but no more, the delay is around 500ms now

Integrated Cronos

We increased our TVL coverage by 0.78%. Which chain do you want to cover now?

Linea price feed improvement

We detected that most price on Linea is 0, so we made a fix.

Show the account logo on our settings page

Go to Settings > Account, now it is more easy to re-arrange your token