November 20th 2023




v1.0.13 - 🐳 Whales are waiting for you!

Algorand is now supported

Now you can track your Algorand account

  • Token holding with PnL

  • NFT holding with PnL

  • Deep analyze your investment

  • DEFI positions (Soon)

  • Get your portfolio summary delivered to your Telegragram daily

Portfolio summary alert

Get your portfolio summary delivered to your telegram daily

Fix the performance chart bugs in your Bundle or BTC account.

The performance chart is now more stable and shows your correct investment performance.

Portfolio trading summary

Scout whale portfolio? We make it easier and more joyful by showing their ROI, and their investment within the month.

Sorting whale list 🐳

We maintain the whale list of 3M addresses, but how to make it convenient to dig and follow? We added a sorting feature so that you can get the whale with the best performance