September 18th 2023



v1.0.6 - 1 bundle to rule them all πŸ‘‘

View all your accounts in a single view

We know that you have multiple wallets in multiple places, and gathering all that data could burn you out.
Why not have a single view to rule them all? So we have a bundle feature that you can custom your view by aggregating your accounts

The Mobile usability is improved

We adjust lots of font sizes to make the experience on mobile smooth, no need to zoom in to read that small text anymore 🧐

Easy reading MEME coin prices

We updated how the price is displayed so it will be easier for you to read it, no more counting the zero πŸ˜›

Lots more exciting features to come

It's bull market and our team keeps building πŸ’ͺ, here is something I can reveal

  • Telegram app

  • More chains are about to be integrated

  • Token detail analysis